HydroChrono: An Open-Source Hydrodynamics Package for Project Chrono


  • David Ogden NREL
  • Zuriah Quinton NREL
  • Tristan de Lataillade TotalEnergies
  • Maxime Pallud TotalEnergies




Hydrodynamics, Multibody Dynamics, Numerical Modeling


In this paper we present the development and verification of HydroChrono, a hydrodynamics package for the Project Chrono physics engine. This package includes the implementation of hydrodynamics equations, the added mass for multibody systems, the development of I/O functions as well as a Python API, and comparison against standard reference cases and other existing tools. HydroChrono provides a flexible, fully open-source solution for simulating wave energy converters (WECs), floating offshore wind turbines (FOWTs) platforms, and other hydrodynamic systems.

Here we show, via comparisons with  existing tools for benchmark verification cases, that HydroChrono accurately models hydrodynamic forces - making it a useful tool for the design and optimization of these systems. Additionally, the integration of HydroChrono with Project Chrono offers access to finite element modeling capabilities and high-fidelity modelling – with Chrono’s existing coupling to CFD and SPH codes. This provides numerical modelers with a multifidelity simulation framework for designing and validating these systems.

The development of HydroChrono provides a new, open-source solution for simulating hydrodynamic systems. Its compatibility with other simulation tools enables a more streamlined and efficient design process, advancing the field and providing new opportunities for innovation in this area.



How to Cite

D. Ogden, Z. Quinton, T. de Lataillade, and M. Pallud, “HydroChrono: An Open-Source Hydrodynamics Package for Project Chrono”, Proc. EWTEC, vol. 15, Sep. 2023.

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