Verification and validation of blade-resolved viscous-flow tidal turbine simulations




Computational Fluid Dynamics, Verification & Validation, Tidal Current Turbine


Tidal turbines are a renewable energy source on the rise. The exceptional predictability of tidal currents contributes to a high reliability of this technology, which represents a key advantage in the endeavor to become a major contributor to the energy mix. To foster the development and to support the design process of tidal turbines, reliable numerical modeling techniques are required. This paper presents verification and validation work performed within the framework of the Supergen ORE Tidal Turbine Benchmarking Study. Viscous-flow CFD code ReFRESCO is used to conduct blade-resolved simulations of the towing tank experiments. In a first approximation, a steady-state frozen-rotor approach is chosen. A transition model, γ-Reθ, is employed to predict the flow state transition on the turbine blades. In the process, the sensitivity to input turbulence quantities is highlighted. The numerical uncertainty is estimated based on mesh refinements. Finally, a conclusion is drawn to which accuracy the presented numerical models can predict the outcome of the experiments.



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M. Rentschler, T. Gomes, G. Vaz, L. Eça, and S. Turnock, “Verification and validation of blade-resolved viscous-flow tidal turbine simulations”, Proc. EWTEC, vol. 15, Sep. 2023.