Optimal Design of a Submerged Tidal Device for Low Current Environment


  • Chul-hee Jo
  • Seung-won Jeong Inha University
  • Su-jin Hwang
  • Sung-ho Cho




Tidal energy, Tidal current power, Submerged tidal device, Mooring system, Optimal design


The tidal current power is one of the reliable renewable ocean energy resources that can be deployed at the region having ocean current. The feasible current speed for the application of tidal device is known to be more than 2m/s. As there are many islands in Asia where the current speed is below than the feasible speed, the submerged device that can produce the power at lower current speed with easy deployment and retrieve is introduce. To simplify the installation and O&M operations, the 4-point taut mooring system is applied that can also secure the designated position. In this study, a HAT (horizontal axis turbine) of 5-kW submerged tidal device is designed and analyzed for a low current region that consist of two buoyancy tanks, a yaw control strut, and a diffuser-type brimmed duct. To analyze the most stable condition, 9 different cases of width and height of the device and 8 different mooring arrangements (total 72 different cases) are investigated both by frequency and time domains. The results show that the dynamic behavior that mainly affects the turbine performance decreases with lower strut height. However, it was observed that the device width has little effect on the dynamic response of the device. The device dynamic motion decreases with decreasing azimuth angle and increasing hang-off angle of the mooring configuration. The optimal design configuration that can produce the maximum power is found that of 4.42 m width, 2 m height, 30° azimuth angle and 60° hang-off angle. According to API RP 2K code, the mooring system is also designed in both intact and damaged conditions. The proposed tidal device could be applied for the low current speed areas with easy implementation and maintenance.



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C.- hee Jo, S.- won Jeong, S.- jin Hwang, and S.- ho Cho, “Optimal Design of a Submerged Tidal Device for Low Current Environment”, Proc. EWTEC, vol. 15, Sep. 2023.