Actuator-Line CFD Simulation of Tidal-Stream Turbines in a Compact Array


  • David Apsley University of Manchester



Tidal-stream energy, Array, CFD, Actuator-line model


An actuator-line CFD model is used to simulate tidal-stream turbines acting alone or in a compact 3-turbine staggered array. CFD results confirm that the accelerated bypass flow between two proximal turbines in shallow water can enhance the power output for a close downstream turbine, with additional smaller effect of the upstream turbines’ operating point. Comparison with other authors’ experimental data in a narrow flume (IFREMER) and circular wave-current tank (FloWave) show some difference in relative loads between the turbines, possibly associated with ambiguity in overall blade pitch and difficulty in characterising onset flow in the FloWave tank. The accelerated bypass flow is persistent and largely established on the rotor plane of the upstream turbines, indicating how local array effects might be incorporated in simpler blade-element/momentum-theory design tools.



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D. Apsley, “Actuator-Line CFD Simulation of Tidal-Stream Turbines in a Compact Array”, Proc. EWTEC, vol. 15, Sep. 2023.